Saturday, 20 January 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 weeks week 3 –Longivity

I had always believed longevity was not an attribute I possessed as all my close rellies ‘popped off’ by fifty.
This week’s challenge has prompted me to take a deeper and closer look at my familial life spans and  the outcome has been somewhat surprising. Using basic statistics to analyse the life-span of 46 direct line ancestors, I conclude it’s not as bad as I had first thought, but I would like to see the longer bars at the end of the scale...     

Closer analysis of my closest direct ancestors included parents through to great-grandparents however brings both good and not so good results; with analysis of the past 4 generations only, the mean average of life span dropped to  55.5 yrs (-6.5 yrs) on my father’s side and rose to 68 yrs (+2 years) on my mothers.

George Edward KING- father- 48yrs-heart disease
Edna Rose O’MALLEY – mother- 73yrs- chronic lung disease (emphysema-smoker)
George Henry KING- paternal grandfather- 55yrs- heart disease
 Phyllis Olive GREENFIELD- paternal grandmother-57 yrs- breast cancer
Thomas Augustine O’MALLEY- maternal grandfather- 69yrs –myocardial degeneration and  
Beatrice BIRD-maternal grandmother-58yrs-heart disease and emphysemia (non-smoker)
Paternal  great-grandparents:   
Thomas KING-79yrs- heart disease
                                             Isabella MILES- 45yrs –deciduoma malignoma  (due to post-partum issues)
                                             Henry GREENFIELD- 69yrs- unknown
                                             Frances MOFFETT- 37 yrs –uterine cancer
Maternal great-grandparents:  
Patrick O’MALLEY- 68yrs- carcinoma of larynx (smoker) and heart failure
                                              Eileen Marianne SHERIDAN- 66 yrs- cerebral thrombosis and
                                                                                                                                      myocardial degeneration
                                              George BIRD- 65yrs- Carcinoma of the rectum
                                              Sarah TIPTON-78yrs –Myocardial degeneration

Once bringing the information together  I see heart disease is prevalent in the paternal side, whilst making itself known on the maternal side it would appear to be mostly degeneration probably due to other issues.
Lung weakness in one form or another prevails on my maternal side, and cancer in various forms from both lines.

An online test by My longevity considers 5 areas that effect longevity; surroundings, health, attitude, parental relevance, and eating...   it predicts I will live to 81ys..... that will mean I’m beaten by only  3 of my direct ancestors.

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